Julie Dragicevic – “The inches began to melt off and the scale began to move and it hasn’t stopped moving yet!”

I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.

-Michael Phelps

Better Body Fitness NW is more than just a personal training facility, it’s a family! A family committed to each other’s successes and sensitive to individual needs.  I started Boot Camp training in February 2011, very overweight and feeling defeated by a fibromyalgia diagnosis. At this point in my life exercising was a pretty big challenge for me so I can’t quite tell you why I thought I could participate in a Boot Camp style workout. I had seen the ad in the Coupon Clipper for months and thought it kind of sounded like fun. After investigation of the program, times, cost, location, etc., I will admit that I thought it was a big investment for just 30 days of what could possibly be my worst nightmare. I decided I would give it a try signed up for the early morning class for 5 days a week. I chose the morning because I knew there could be no excuses to not go … .I mean what else am I doing at 5:30 in the morning? The only thing holding me back would be ME, just being lazy. NO EXCUSES.

After my first week of Boot Camp, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it. I was exhausted and extremely sore. Because of the investment I made I pushed through the pain and the fatigue. Justin and Angie were always encouraging. They were always interested in what was happening and how I was feeling. Boot Camp is always about working to your ability, but somehow Justin and Angie found a way to get me to give just a little bit more than I thought I had to give. Camps were hard work but always fun.

After several months of consistently attending Boot Camp, I suffered a small injury and I needed some modification to my routine. Rather than use the injury as an excuse to quit, I moved to personal training sessions with Justin three days a week, where we could limit any activity that aggravated my injury. I can’t tell you what it meant that he didn’t give up on me and always worked to find a way for me to have a great workout each and every time.

The first six weeks of Boot Camp I didn’t lose a single pound! I was a little discouraged but was assured by a fellow Boot Camper not to worry, that it would come off, that one day I would wake up and the scale would begin to move. So I believed and decided that my only focus would be the exercise. I just held onto that thought and trusted Justin and Angie knew what they were doing. Then it happened. The inches began to melt off and the scale began to move and it hasn’t stopped moving yet! Fibrofog is gone; flares are virtually non-existent and I no longer take medication to manage the disease. I have a lean and toned body.

This has not been an easy journey but because Justin, Angie, Nicole and Maddie make it a point to connect on such a personal level, I have never even entertained the thought of quitting. Their constant commitment to my best ME and my BETTER BODY (inside and out) is what keeps me going.

Better Body Fitness NW is a supportive and challenging environment. I have accomplished things here I never dreamed possible for myself. I really do have a Better Body!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart … Justin, Angie, Nicole and Maddie. You’re truly the greatest you are my family!


Julie Dragicevic

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